Why May 2021 is the time to book your First Aid Course

April 27, 2021

As we slowly but surely return to normality, the ABC team would like to remind you why first aid is so essential, and why it’s a great time to book a training course.
As you know, the first major restriction liftings happened on the 12th of April, under step two of the roadmap, with pubs, shops and hairdressers all reopening. While we have worked throughout lockdown, we’ve also noticed that there’s a big uptick in the amount of training needed over the next few months. Make sure you get booked in before the rush.
Taking a first aid course run by a qualified medical professional teaches you life-saving skills. And gives you the confidence to know when and how to act in an emergency.
A practical course offers the opportunity to practise hands-on skills such as resuscitation on a manikin or helping save a choking adult, baby or child. Any of the skills you learn could equip you with the knowledge you need to save a life. As well as improve the outcomes for someone who has had an accident.

What are the benefits of First Aid training as an employer?

First Aid training has its benefits. It is largely recommended for every employee in an organisation. If more people qualify, there will be more people able to prevent accidents in the workplace. It is a legal requirement to assure your workers receive urgent treatment when taken ill at work. It is a must that your workplace has the relevant resources and personnel to deal with an emergency.
Here are a few reasons how First Aid training benefits you and your company for an employer.


In the event of an accident, would you ignore it? Most people who would say no wouldn’t have the knowledge or confidence to help even if they wanted to. A First Aid Training course will give you the know-how to take control of a situation and treat a casualty.
all provide you with knowledge on how to deal with a range of illnesses and injuries. By having this knowledge, you will feel much more willing to help when an accident occurs.

Reducing occupational hazards

First Aid Training teaches delegates how to become safety conscious in their occupation. Your employees will be able to spot hazards in the workplace before accidents happen. The more First Aiders you have, the quicker employees will raise issues. Employees must recognise potential danger before it happens. The knowledge will contribute towards reducing the number of injuries in your workplace.

Using First Aid Kits Correctly.

The benefit of having a First Aid appointed person present is that you have someone to check your First Aid kit. Having someone to maintain your kit means; as a result, it will always be fully stocked at all times. You must have all the resources available so that you can act promptly. Acting promptly will lower the impact of the injury or illness.

Quick Response and Buying Time

The faster you attend to a casualty in a critical condition, the more chance you have of saving them. By attending to someone who is in critical condition, the effects of your treatment will be much more effective. First Aid Courses will teach you how to administer CPR and also how to use an AED or defibrillator. Knowing how to do this helps you keep the casualty alive until the emergency services arrive.

Reducing recovery time of employees

A hasty response to an accident before the medical professionals arrive can not only save a life. Acting quickly can also shorten the healing time of the patient. The quicker the employee recovers, the quicker they can get back to work.

It isn’t just useful in the workplace.

It isn’t just the workplace in which First Aid training is predominant. Employees will have their newfound skills for the rest of their lives. They may need to administer their skills to their family, friends or the general public in the future. The course can be refreshed every three years, so all the knowledge is up to date. Also, the qualification will look great to future employers. First Aid is a life skill and can be an excellent addition to your CV.

The course provides more than just First Aid knowledge.

The course is a fun and interactive experience which includes spells of theory and practical assessments.
If you supply the course for multiple members of your staff, the course helps increase morale and can be a great team-building exercise.

Legal Requirements

Every workplace is required to have at least one appointed First Aider on-site at all times. Some workplaces require more First Aiders. This depends on how many workers are working there and how high risk the environment is. If you would like to work out how many First Aiders your workplace needs, check out the requirements calculator here.
If you work in a low-risk environment, you will only be required to attend the (1 day) Emergency First Aid course.
If you work in a high-risk environment you will need to attend the much more detailed (3 days) First Aid at Work.
If your First Aid at Work qualification is due to expire, you will need to attend the First Aid Requalification to renew it.

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