What you need to know about first aid training

February 16, 2022

So you have approached ABC Training Services looking for details about first aid training. Well lucky for you we have the answers.

At ABC Training Services we are masters of first aid training and, out of all the training courses we provide, First Aid is the one we are most passionate about. So you can be sure that we know what we are talking about.

The following blog will cover the in’s and out’s of first aid training, what it is, why it is important and what you need to know before attending your first aid training.

What is first aid?

First aid is widely accepted as the practice of providing medical assistance to a recently injured or unwell person with the goal to stabilise them until further actions can be taken. This can range from cleaning a minor injury to even in some severe cases saving someone’s life.

The first recorded instances of first aid being used were during the crusades in the 11th century when knights would be trained to provide medical assistance to wounded soldiers during campaigns. Then during the mid-19th century, the First International Geneva Convention was held and the Red Cross was established to provide “aid to sick and wounded soldiers in the field.”

The Origins of the First Aid kit

The idea of a first aid kit was considered in 1888 when a chance discussion between a business owner and a railway surgeon lead to the invention of a portable aid kit with sterilised equipment that surgeons could use for railway injuries. The surgeon talked about how railway injuries were hard to treat at an appropriate time, given the distance that railways run and the limited reach of local medical stations. 

So the introduction of a first aid kit allowed for the railway surgeons to reach isolated regions of the railroad with equipment that they could use to treat injuries that wouldn’t have been treated previously.

The first aid kit was seen as such a revolution that it became a household must with the company Johnson & Johnson creating a range of first aid kits for different situations and occupations.

Then with the development of medical treatment, first aid kits have been updated and revised into the modern first aid kits we know today!

First aid training will teach you all about the contents of a first aid kit and how to correctly use it in an emergency.

What does first aid include?

Practising life-saving methods like the Heimlich manoeuvre and CPR for a day can seem like a challenge. So many start researching first aid procedures in an effort to get a head start. Don’t make this mistake. 

A good first aid training course won’t require any prior knowledge of first aid or emergency response. In some cases attempting to learn for yourself beforehand may cause confusion when practising the techniques. As the course is designed universally for complete beginners, we won’t expect you to know anything. Just show up on the day with a positive attitude and willingness to participate in the practical scenarios. 

So, in conclusion, we hope that you have had any trepidations about your first aid lesson removed after reading this blog. However, if you have any more questions please contact us via phone, email, or contact us on our website here.

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