If you’re looking for a first aid trainer to train your staff, there are a few key things to consider.

These days the duty is on you – your organisation – to make sure the trainer is qualified to do what they say they can do. There is no longer a governing body monitoring what people teach, so that responsibility falls to you to do your research thoroughly.

Check them out online. Cost is important – but don’t be sold on price alone. If someone’s offering training at a ridiculously low rate you need to ask what they’re leaving out. Also, get a recommendation from someone who’s used them; they’ll tell you whether they’re any good or not.

And lastly, look for a training company who have experienced trainers on their team – people who have done it, not just done the theory, read the books and watched the videos; people who have been out there and done the hands-on stuff. Take our company for example. Our three main trainers have over 120 years’ hands-on experience between us. Not many first aid situations arise that we haven’t managed in real life. Between us we’ve treated thousands of people.

The quality of first aid training your staff undertake might one day make a big difference if they’re confronted with a life or death situation.

Businesses need more than just having that first aid kit mounted on the wall. They need properly trained people who know how to respond in a crisis. It’s more than just meeting your legal requirements, it’s an ethical responsibility as well.