Pediatric First Aid for Teachers


This training course specialises in teaching you how to apply first aid to a child. The Paediatric First Aid for Teachers Course is perfect for parents or people who work with children.


Course duration – 12 hours, which can be split over four sessions. Certificate will last for 3 years from the date of the course.

There is no exam, continual assessment of skill during the course.

Candidates should demonstrate their competence to:

  • The use of first aid equipment including the contents of a first aid kit
  • An action plan for an emergency including record keeping
  • The importance of personal hygiene during first aid
  • To be able to manage a casualty that is suffering from:
  1. Cardiac Arrest
  2. Provide basic instruction in the use of an AED
  3. Is unconscious
  4. Is wounded or bleeding
  5. Is suffering from shock
  6. History, signs and symptoms
  7. Has been burned or scalded
  8. May have been poisoned or exposed to a harmful substance
  9. Choking
  10. Childhood conditions such as meningitis

Cost £140.00 Per candidate + VAT

If you are a group organiser, book 10 places and receive 2 free, maximum number of students 12 per course

Extra Information about Paediatric First Aid for Teachers course

ABC Training Services is proud to offer this nationally recognised training course to become a qualified first aider at a newly qualified level. When you successfully complete your Paediatric First Aid for Teachers course, you’ll be able to aid in emergencies in the workplace. Develop your skills and learn to treat specific injuries.

Paediatric first aid training is one of our best work courses, and a great way to add to your skills in the workplace. Take a look at our other courses for more information. First aiders complete this course and receive a work certificate that showcases their skills to treat minor wounds.

This paediatric first aid for Teachers course is a great addition to your first aid training. Couples with emergency first aid, any worker or health and safety executive can confidently save lives and aid in emergencies. Learn practical skills and become a paediatric first aider with your first aid certificate.

Training for a Health and Safety Executive

Take a paediatric first aid for teachers course to learn first aid techniques that you can use in first aid emergencies. Our first aid training courses are all recognised by the first aid industry body. Our courses are similar to the British Red Cross and St John Ambulance courses, with the added ABC Training Services touch!

In life-threatening situations, you may need to know the best methods for treating minor wounds. Paediatric first aid training is the way to develop these paediatric first aid skills. On successful completion, you will receive your Paediatric First Aid certificate. Take a look at our other first aid courses below. We offer most first aid courses, such as emergency first aid, emergency first aid, first aid skills, and paediatric first aid course. Take charge of your emergency first aid training today!