Manual Handling Course


What is manual handling?

Lifting, carrying, lowering, or otherwise moving a load by hand or with physical force is known as manual handling. The potential risks affect almost all employees and are the most frequent cause of workplace accidents.

Accidents involving manual handling can affect both personal and professional lives in a negative way. Since moving objects is a part of almost every job, manual handling is a problem for everyone, not just team members who must frequently lift and carry them.

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    • Save yourself and your company money.
    • It reduces your risk of injury.
    • It raises awareness.
    • It increases work productivity.

There is always going to be some manual labour involved with every job, but knowing about manual handling and how to safely lift and move loads will help reduce the risk of injury for everyone in the workplace and increase work productivity.


      • Course duration: 3 to 4 hours All employees are suitable for this course. This is an attendance course and is not examined, but all candidates receive constructive comments on their practical performance.

      • Content:
        • What is involved in handling tasks?
        • Injuries associated with handling tasks
        • Economic implications of handling tasks for employers, the national economy, and individuals
        • Relevance of the Health and Safety at Work Act and regulations concerning handling tasks
        • Understanding the impact on the spine during handling tasks
        • Considerations for risk assessment in handling tasks, including load, individual, task, and environment
        • Establishing a stable foundation when involved in handling tasks
        • Addressing the aspects of pushing and pulling trolleys in handling tasks
        • Practical aspects of work related to handling tasks

        Cost: £60 + VAT per candidate

        You can book a course to be held at your venue or book one of our open courses.

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