We have recently started working with an experienced RTITB instructor. RTITB is the key standards setting body for workplace transport training. Forklifts are used by a number of the businesses we work with, so being able to offer this training is a great fit.

We now provide training for the complete novice up to the already qualified (forklift drivers need retesting after five years). Initial training can take up to five days depending on how many people there are and the level they’re at. We generally conduct this training on the client’s premises, so students get familiar with their own company’s equipment and the physical environment they work in. We take students through everything –focusing on loading and unloading and covering key aspects of driving a forklift. This includes understanding hydraulics, weight assessments, handling of controls, steering and stopping the truck, handling laden and unladen pallets, driving on and off ramps, road vehicle loading and unloading, refuelling etc.

Students get a full certified record of the training undertaken. But we’re not just about the paperwork or ticking the box. Students get the paperwork, but most importantly we make sure they can operate a forklift safely. We make sure they’re safe and their colleagues around them are safe.

It’s important stuff. Not complying with health and safety can lead to fines, increased insurance premiums and in the most serious cases, possible closure of the business.

You can find more information about the Basic Novice Operator Training Course Here, or the Basic Operator Refresher Course Here!