January 2018 Update

November 29, 2017

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– with 2018 well on the way, it’s time to check your training and events calendars

It all started over 20 years ago – year by year we have been gathering vast amounts of experience about all things First Aid and Health and Safety. Why? Because it’s our passion. Quite simply, we aim to pass our knowledge on to others; knowing that we are helping others to assist other people in an emergency is something money cannot buy.

Like anything in life, the more you ‘put in’, the more you ‘get out. You can’t beat the feeling of helping another person, and perhaps even save their life one day. That’s why we do what we do – we aim to pass on our message to businesses that your staff need to be trained in first aid, not just to tick a box, but for it to be an investment, part of your intrinsic values and ethos as a caring employer.

Training courses…we’re with you at every step

Serving commercial and industrial clients throughout the UK, we offer a wide range of training courses ranging from First Aid at Work (including requalification, refreshers, and emergency training), to Paediatric and Sport Injury First Aid, to Fire Marshal and Manual Handling, to name but a few. You can read about them all in much more detail on the website. We can provide such a broad range of courses as we have a proven track record as both trainers and first aiders.  We always offer to help our clients as much as we can, and we can work closely with them on their first aid journey – for a young start-up company it may be the first time they have had to arrange first aid training, so they may need some practical guidance. For instance, we always offer to complete a client’s risk assessment with them prior to training. This can help a client as their needs can be discussed, ensuring that they are investing in the appropriate training. Tips on how to write a first aid risk assessment can be found in the booklet mentioned at the bottom of this blog.

As well as training, we can offer advice on what should be in your first aid kit. There are various types and sizes depending on several factors, such as the number of employees in your organisation, or the type of business you are. If you’re not sure, please call us and we’ll be able to advise you. Again, details of first aid kits can be found in our leaflet mentioned at the bottom of this blog. You can even purchase them from us if you wish.

First Aid is an ongoing process. It shouldn’t be viewed as something you just learn once, as there are new ideas and techniques being constantly introduced. Here at ABC Training Services, we make sure that we keep up-to-date with the latest ideas and innovations, ensuring the most current methods are being taught and applied. We have entered competitions and won various awards to show that,  not only do we know first aid extremely well, but we can apply it and perform to the highest standards, too. As well as this, In January 2017, we were inspected by the Care Quality Commission – the report was published in May 2017, and can be seen on their website.
Do you have an event coming up?

As mentioned earlier, our many years of experience have meant that we have been able to diversify – it made sense really to offer our practical, real-life first aid skills where they may be needed by the public. Over the last few years, we have seen this grow into an event service to be proud of – our highly-skilled, trained teams of health care professionals serve all types of events up and down the UK. Sometimes we may be at a large event with thousands of people, such as a sporting event, an exhibition, or a music festival. At other times, we may be covering a music gig, a country fair, or a village fete. The size of the event is immaterial to us, what matters is that we are there for those people who may need our first aid skills on the day.

Remember: the very best first aid training doesn’t just teach new skills – it teaches the correct attitude, too.

Why not request a copy of our booklet, written by Colin Dawson, Managing Director of ABC Training Ltd: Top tips from a veteran first aid trainer- ‘How to identify the right FIRST-AID TRAINING for your organisation and make the most of it.’

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