how we do it

How we Do It

We care about saving lives

What makes us different

A lot of that tick-the-box assessment and mindset has come into training in recent years. We do it differently. Training was deregulated in 2015, meaning new, less experienced, less caring companies came into the market. That’s not us.

We don’t just do theory. We are practitioners who know the theory inside out. We are professionals and we care. Practical work and ‘doing’ is a big strength in our team – putting that theory into practice, time after time. Our trainers are all experienced event medics. We don’t just teach it, we actually do it, day-to-day, for real. And we’re fully up to date with all current protocols and changes in legislation.

We aren’t a tick-the-box organisation that simply wants to get customers in and out through the door and pick-up their fees. We want to ensure our customers know how to do it, not that we’ve just shown them and ticked a box for them.

Talk to us and you’ll talk to a human being, not a machine. You’ll talk to somebody who has been in this industry most or all of their working life. Talk to our MD Colin Dawson and you’ll be drawing on decades of experience.

How We Train

We listen to our customers’ needs and deliver training to match those needs. We don’t just talk through the theories and processes of first aid and safety. We’re practical, hands-on and passionate. Customers and students on our courses engage with our training on a practical level and will go away confident and competent. We train to a standard, not just to tick the box.

Our customers

We listen to our customers’ needs. We are in regular contact with many of our customers – sometimes just for a chat to check-up and see that everything’s ok. We listen to any questions or queries our customers may have, discuss options and also keep them up to date with any changes in legislation. We offer general guidance as well as specifics and legislated stuff. And we’ll let people know where to get advice if we can’t provide it ourselves.

We are easy to work with, responsive, responsible and ethical. We ensure our customers go away from our training knowing exactly what they need to know – and they’ll have probably had some fun and laughs along the way.

We work with many organisations time and time again. First aid and safety certificates need renewing so we have trained many of the same people and renewed certificates at the same organisations over and over. Some people we have met and trained or renewed up to eight or ten times. There’s a good reason they come back to us – our training is fun, informative and very interactive. Our customers feel confident and competent when they complete our courses.

“You talk to people like people, you don’t talk at them. We feel fully involved.” A customer recently told us.