Like many businesses, the Covid-19 pandemic came as a shock to us earlier this year. Things went very quiet for a while. We took some time to get all our paperwork up-to-date, we checked and re-checked our equipment. Everything got cleaned and sanitised and then we did it again. And we talked to friends and colleagues in other businesses to see how they were coping.

Then as lockdown measures eased a bit, things started heading back to something approaching normal in terms of training courses booked and rolled-out. In August and September, we’ve had bookings from fifteen new clients, which of course we’re delighted with. September is going to be busy.

We realised we needed people to trust in coming back to training. Our clients have been approaching things at different speeds; some didn’t have staff back in the office in August, some did. Many people were working from home. There was a genuine fear and anxiety about coming back to work.

We explained our protocols in detail to clients; what we’re doing to protect them and ourselves when we deliver training. We talked about the PPE we use, the hand sanitisers, signage around the place, keeping appropriate distances and all the stuff we know is important. That explanation gave people confidence. They’re confident we’re doing everything we can.

I think we’ll see some of these things – improved cleanliness in general – continue once things get back to something like normal. They say it takes 30 days to properly form a habit, so we should see some improved hygiene habits longer term. If people are sensible and follow the guidelines, we’ll all be back to normal sooner rather than later