Covid-19 has been a worry for businesses and organisations needing to train staff. Much training in our sector – when it’s done well – includes hands-on and up-close-and-personal interactivity. So, we need to ensure we deliver training in the safest possible conditions, adhering to government guidelines.

Firstly, space. We’ve reduced the maximum number of students per session so that everyone is at least two metres apart.

If we deliver training on someone else’s premises, we’ll check in advance how much space there is and limit attendees accordingly. All our equipment – including dummies – gets thoroughly disinfected between each training session. Students on our courses will assemble the dummies, not us. Hand sanitisers will of course be used. And if the training requires an up-close-and-personal component, then everyone will be wearing PPE – masks, aprons, gloves etc.

Every student has their own dummy to practise on. Dressings used are new and straight from their packets. Dummies are cleaned and sanitised after each course. We also wipe down and sanitise tables and chairs at the end of each course. When we go to a client, we take the same approach –one dummy per student and we’ll approach everything in exactly the same way in terms of sanitisation, spacing etc. We adopt the same protocols regardless of the location.

Like everything around this pandemic it’s about common sense, following guidelines and minimising risk – which is really how you should approach anything around health and safety.