Last year we added another dimension to our business when we hired Steven Hawksworth, a vastly experienced registered safety officer, into what is a new consulting role for us.

Unlike some companies we don’t charge an annual fee for consulting. We set an hourly rate and then charge clients for what we actually do – only the work clients need done. There are no monthly or annual fees. This suits smaller businesses – particularly in the current climate.

The key thing about workplace safety is to think ahead, to anticipate. Don’t start thinking about safety after an incident. Get your plans in place.

Every company must have a safety policy. Small to medium-sized companies don’t usually have someone on board in a safety officer role, so they come to us for a solution, and support as needed. Our team has extensive experience across different industries and workplaces.

We start by doing an assessment, then developing and delivering a plan to ensure that company is safe and compliant with legislation. We develop policies and tailor them to the needs of each business. Policies will vary – depending on whether it’s a café, office or business with a storage or warehousing facility. Policies reflect the individual needs and circumstances of each business.

The things we look at first when conducting a review are the business’s risk assessments. Where are they exposed or at risk of a problem? That, of course, varies from place to place. And getting it right is very important, because it effectively underpins the rest of our work. We also conduct audits to ensure businesses are fully complying. Writing policies is a big part of our work and obviously saves businesses a lot of time – we know industry norms and standards and what to include. The policies we deliver cover a number of things, including things like workplace bullying, though our focus is generally on physical environments.

Utilising a safety consultant is a proactive move which will stand your business in good stead in being both a compliant and, most importantly, safe employer.