Under the first full lockdown training companies had to close, however under lockdown #2 training companies have been allowed to stay open.

We need to convince clients that we operate safely.

One of the issues we’ve faced with the pandemic is people feeling confident enough to engage training. In addition to talking about the merits of a particular course when we speak to a client or potential client, we need to also tell them, assure them really, that we’re operating safely under government guidelines.

We don’t tend to think of what we do as ‘selling’ (though everybody is selling something aren’t they?) but if we did, it’s as though we have to sell two things to clients – the training and the safe delivery of it.

Are you open? What are you doing?” and then the direct question, “are you Covid-safe?” That’s the regular sequence of questions we get asked.

The answers are quite simple really. We use the NHS track and trace app, there are hand sanitisers in place for people when they enter our building, seating is very well-spaced-out in the training rooms, they have access to gloves, face masks, and if they have a resuscitation component in their training we give them each an individual dummy to work with. They know it’s clean because they get a brand-new set of lungs to work with. There is no sharing of dummies whatsoever among students.

People are thinking quite differently at the moment. Some big businesses haven’t even gone back to the workspace yet after the first lockdown. Others, who have taken on training at different times during the year, are very confident with us delivering training. It’s a question of different mindsets and different levels of concern. It’s become a key part of our job to alleviate that concern when we talk about how we deliver our courses.

We’ve had some good feedback from clients regarding our approach to Covid while delivering training courses this year.

As one of our clients posted on social media: “Thank you for a great well organised and COVID safe First aid training course. The course I attended on 14/15 October not only refreshed the training but taught the Covid safe procedures in first aid required during this pandemic.