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About ABC Training Services

ABC Training Services was established in 2006. In addition to the wide range of training courses we deliver we also provide extensive event safety cover. Our training courses are applicable to a wide number of industries and sectors. We ensure our customers are compliant and their staff trained to the highest levels. We do this at competitive rates.

Our main focus is delivering first aid and associated courses and training. We do this on a one-to-one basis or in groups. We cover first aid at work, emergency first aid and courses covering paediatrics, sports, anaphylaxis, manual handling, food safety, asbestos training plus fire marshal training and more.

Additionally, we offer online training courses in health and safety and for the care sector. We have a registered safety consultant, Steven Hawksworth, on board and have recently added Chartered Institute of Environmental Health courses levels 1, 2 and 3 to our portfolio. Steven keeps fully up-to-speed on changes in the industry.

We are a family-run business – something that is evident in our values and general ethos. Our business is built on referrals – evidence of the quality of our training and customer service. As one customer put it, we deliver, “Fun, informative and very interactive training.”

About The Team

Managing Director Colin Dawson oversees a team of safety and care professionals who deliver quality training and event cover. The ABC team includes a safety consultant, doctors, nurses, paramedics, registered care practitioners and registered care assistants. It’s an experienced team with a collective background in actually doing, not just theory. With ABC delivering your training you will be drawing on the skills and experience of people who have worked at a hands-on level in the industry for much, or most, of their working lives.

Colin Dawson has been involved in the safety and first aid industry one way or another since he was nine years old – including nearly volunteering for the St John Ambulance, covering events, competing in (and winning) competitions.

“I care. It’s not a job, it’s a total way of life.” Says Colin. That passion, coupled with his extensive knowledge, shines through in the training and the ABC team.


We care. We’re not just in this to get boxes ticked. We work with customers, so they know how to do it, not just so a box can be ticked saying they’ve attended a course. We are hands-on and deliver training that is engaging, fun and interactive. And you will probably laugh a bit along the way as you learn!

All of our trainers are very passionate and love what they do. It’s an ethos that starts at the top of the of the company.

And we are very competitive on price.




Strength Training

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