A day in the life of a first aider at events

October 5, 2020

There aren’t many jobs where, at the end of a day’s work, the key measure of success was that you didn’t have to do anything. However, that is the perfect day for an event first aider. It means everything went well, no one got hurt and no one needed any attention.

But a quiet, perfect day doesn’t mean we haven’t come well-prepared and ready for any number of situations. At ABC our team select the jobs they want to do based on various criteria. Once they know the job they’re doing, they’ll organise all the equipment needed. We do full risk assessments, there are guidelines and we have a questionnaire and score points against aspects of the event to calculate risk and inform the sort of cover – number of people, equipment and other components – required for that event. Some events– say a sporting event or a concert – may need 15 or 20 people!

Our team will then go to the event and liaise with the event organiser on various things such as where best to set up. Depending on whether we’ve done that event before will determine how much time we need with the event organiser. Ideally, the organiser will give us a tent or somewhere easily seen by attendees so we’re easy to find if needed.

Of course, things do happen. That’s why we’re there. Things that come up quite frequently are minor cuts, minor injuries, wasp stings, bites and may be friction burns if there are slides there for kids. For sporting events we’ll sometimes get soft tissue injuries. We attend kickboxing events as well so there’ll be a bloody nose or two there to deal with. We have had some serious things over the years – broken legs, fractured spines, dislocations. We also attend events for older people and have had the occasional cardiac arrest to manage.

Importantly, we’re there if needed. But a quiet day is a good day.

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