Looking Ahead Through 2021

January 27, 2021

Last year, during the first Covid lockdown, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE – the governing body for workplace health and safety) suspended the requirement for people to renew their safety certificates. All things being good, as we get slowly back to something hopefully approaching normality in the first half of this year, that suspension will be lifted. It looks like there’ll be something of a rush of people getting their certificates renewed.

It seems unlikely that this suspension will be extended. The government has allowed us to keep training people through the more recent lockdowns so it wouldn’t make sense to delay the uplifting of the suspension now. We, like other training companies, have strictly followed the government guidelines around social distancing and hygiene in workplaces, making our workplaces Covid-safe. We have actually tightened things even further. Visitors and staff wear masks as soon as they enter the building. At any point during the day when they might be moving around, they’ll wear their mask. They can only take the mask off when they’re sitting at a table or desk on their own during training. The tables are well-distanced.

We expect to be running plenty of training from March onwards and we’re now taking bookings for events safety coverage from June. We expect things to be busier than last summer. We’ve already heard from many of our regular events clients and it’s also pleasing to have inquiries from new companies. We have long worked with Burton Albion Football Club and it will be great to get back there, but I’m not sure they’ll be letting fans in until next season now.

We do a lot of work with the National Memorial Arboretum in Alrewas in Staffordshire, supporting them at a number of events throughout the year. They had a socially distanced event in December which we covered. We also covered the VJ Day commemoration event in August last year. But things will be much better once people are back in real numbers and able to mix more freely.

We’ve picked up three new clients recently – a tree surgeon, a special school in Derby and Staffordshire Borough Council. We look forward to working with them and training their teams.

Something quite different from the National Memorial Arboretum events we cover are the banger races at Trent Raceway at Tatenhill in Burton. I’ve been covering them in some capacity since 1996. They have 14 meetings a year. It will be great to get back to those – as it will Motocross where we cover the Burntwood Barracudas’ events.

Like everybody we’re hoping for a return to something like normal before too long. The speed of the vaccine roll-out so far is a very positive sign for us all.

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